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We are dedicated to providing talent necessary tools to enhance their potential for employment opportunities in the modeling, film, and entertainment industries for both aspiring new talent and seasoned talent

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About Us

GETE directors have been associated with the entertainment industry since the early 1990’s and by virtue of different agencies they have provided and helped provide talent for hundreds of commercials, films, print, and modeling assignments. Their proven record of success during this time has been achieved by always remembering the slogan: "Real People, Real Faces, Real Futures". GETE will continue to keep high standards and do their best to accomplish their mission for talent and clients alike.

Traditionally, modeling agencies have controlled the industry access points for all talent. It has been the rare case where a person has not paid their dues to get ahead in the entertainment industry. The Internet has changed all that. Never before has talent, like you, had a better opportunity to ‘strut your stuff’, AND, never before have so many casting agencies and clients pursued non-traditional out of the box searches for ‘new’ talent to fill their needs.

GETE would speculate you use the Internet every day. You do so because you know the value the internet offers, the speed of finding what you need and want, the ease of access to information in today’s economy, the importance of social networking, and the tremendous opportunities presented. You know the power in this knowledge!

GETE is positive you’ll agree the Power offered through the internet is unequaled. Society is still in its infancy understanding all that will be realized. It is a new era where new marketing and operational strategies develop constantly. GETE is adamant in their desire to utilize this POWERFUL tool in their desire to maximize a talents ability to reach for their star. GETE offers this to you by providing you an entertainment industry website where you have your own web page. Our offering should just be a stepping stone for you as you forge forward. GETE hopes, in the near future your successes will enable you to afford your own website, but until then, GETE is dedicated to your web success.